Spincloud is a one-man show that started-off in 2002 as a side-project to polish my regular expression skills. I needed a large dataset to work with and this is how I got into weather data.
The development platform chosen was Java EE and the initial version was based on EJB 2.0. Initially it only parsed static ASCII files and saved data into a MySQL database.

In time this became a training project where I tested the many cool technologies. I have migrated it to Spring and Hibernate in 2004 and removed EJB completely (Spring was the new wave back then). I switched to Tomcat around the same time. Since the weahter data is periodic, I introduced Quartz and JDK TimerTask timers both managed by Spring. I then took interest in iBATIS and added support for it in 2005. In 2007 I've migrated the whole persistence layer to JPA with Hibernate being the persistence provider.

The front-end was still primitive and it served no purpose other than testing the inner works of the server. But then Google releases the beautiful Google Maps project along with an API and spincloud was reborn. It was then when I decided to release the website to the public.

Spincloud is actively developed and still in its beta stages.