Highlights of features

At its core, Spincloud offers access to current weather conditions, forecasts and weather extremes but it does much more:

Location tagging

You can follow the weather the locations you are interested in by tagging them. After you register, simply use the tag icon inside the weather details bubble on the map and start following just the locations you want. You can then access your favorites page using the following URL:



All stations that report weather parameters in Spincloud can be tracked via RSS. Click on the RSS icons throughout all Spincloud pages to register to weather updates for the locations you want to follow. You can also subscribe to your favorite stations you tagged using the following link style:


You can also track weather for lists of weather stations:
To find out station IDs just browse the map to the desired location, click on the weather icon then follow the link to weather details.

Easy to remember, safe to bookmark links

All permalinks follow easy to remember patterns and the URLs will not change over time. All URLs follow easy to remember patterns, for instance to get weather for a station, the link will be:


OpenId support

Register in confidence, Spincloud uses OpenId. So if you have an email account with Yahoo or Gmail you can simply sign-on using your existing online identity. Build your list of favorites and, your home location and share your kind of weather with your friends.
Oh, we support Facebook identities too.

Share your thoughts through Google FriendConnect

Whenever you check the weahter details for a location you can log your thoughts in the comment box, courtesy Google Friend Connect.

US area forecast

Browse the map to any US location and the weather snapshot will display forecasts for all available locations at once. The map snapshot will show 3-day forecast; to access the full 7 day forecast just click on the map icon or access the weather station details page.

US Doppler radar overlay

The radar overlay presented as a transparent overlay over the main map area. It can be accessed through the Radar button visible on the top-left area of the map. The imagery is updated every 20 minutes and currently available only for mainland US and parts of southern Canada.

Meteoalarm overlay


Meteoalarm is a weather warning system developed in Europe that shows today's and tomorrow's weather warnings using a color scheme from green to red. You can see the Meteoalarm warnings as an overlay mashed with the main map view.
More info here

@Meteoalarm Twitter stream

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If you enjoy the meteoalarm overlay why not getting the warnings directly from Twitter? Subscribe to @Meteoalarm Twitter stream and you'll have it! The stream is updated twice a day so you'll get the most up-to date information.

Flickr pictures alongside weather details

Get a local feeling of what the places you browse look like by browsing scenic pictures from the spot while learning about current weather conditions.